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according to the article ask your of the elect
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Example: 0153-21, 2571-15, 324-43
Specify the size of the Wallpaper and the type of basis for the selection of the adhesive
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Excluding window and door openings
How does the calculator
  • step 1 calculate the surface

    Indicate in metres the size of the premises, excluding window and door openings. As a comma separated list.

  • Step 2 What will be considered a

    Еслы вы выбрали обои из каталога сайта, укажите артикул или добавьте понравившиеся обои в избранное. Если нужно указать размеры, выберите рассчет «по размеру».

  • Step 3 Saving calculation

    You can save a few calculations in the browser's memory. To do this, specify the name of the calculation and click "Save".

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